Honda CD 70 2024 latest price in Pakistan

The Honda CD 70 has been a symbol of reliability, affordability, and efficiency in the Pakistani motorcycle market for decades. In 2024, Honda is set to continue this legacy by offering an upgraded CD 70 model. As motorcycle enthusiasts eagerly await the release, let’s dive into the price and specifications of the Honda CD 70 in Pakistan for the year 2024.

Honda CD 70:

Engine Type72cc, 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder Engine
Bore & Stroke47.0 mm x 41.4 mm
Compression Ratio8.8:1
Maximum Power6.4 HP @ 7,500 RPM
Maximum Torque5.45 Nm @ 5,500 RPM
Cooling SystemAir-Cooled
Fuel SystemCarburetor
Ignition SystemCDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)
Starting SystemKick Start
Transmission4-Speed Constant Mesh
Clutch TypeWet Multiplate
Front SuspensionTelescopic Forks
Rear SuspensionTwin Shock Absorbers
Front BrakeDrum Brake
Rear BrakeDrum Brake
Front Tire2.25-17
Rear Tire2.50-17
Fuel Tank Capacity8.5 Liters
Mileage (Approx.)60-65 km/liter
Top SpeedApproximately 80 km/h
Seat Height771 mm
Ground Clearance136 mm
Wheelbase1,189 mm
Dry Weight82 kg (approximate)
Colors AvailableVarious color options
Price (2024)PKR 90,000 – PKR 95,000 (estimated)

The Honda CD 70 has remained an icon in the Pakistani motorcycle industry for its classic design and robust performance. It has consistently won the hearts of both daily commuters and motorcycle enthusiasts. As the demand for economical and efficient transportation continues to grow, the CD 70 has cemented its place as a reliable companion on the roads of Pakistan.

Price Expectations

Price plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process when purchasing a motorcycle. For 2024, the expected price of the Honda CD 70 in Pakistan is anticipated to be around PKR 157,000 to PKR 165,000. However, it’s important to note that these prices are estimates and may vary based on factors like location and taxes.

Engine and Performance

One of the standout features of the Honda CD 70 is its engine performance. The 2024 model continues the tradition of equipping the bike with a 72cc air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. This engine design has proven to be exceptionally reliable and fuel-efficient over the years.

With a max power output of around 6.4 horsepower, the CD 70 provides ample power for urban commuting and short highway journeys. Its efficient engine ensures that you get the most out of every drop of fuel, making it an economical choice for daily transportation.

Fuel Efficiency

In a country where fuel prices often fluctuate, fuel efficiency is a critical factor for motorcycle buyers. The Honda CD 70 excels in this department. It offers an impressive mileage of approximately 60-65 kilometers per liter, making it an economical choice for daily commuting.

Design and Features

While the Honda CD 70 has maintained its classic design over the years, there are expected design updates for the 2024 model. Honda is likely to introduce subtle changes to the bodywork, graphics, and overall aesthetics to keep the bike fresh and appealing to a new generation of riders.

The CD 70 is known for its simple yet functional design. It features a comfortable seat, user-friendly controls, and a practical instrument cluster. The bike’s minimalist design not only adds to its classic appeal but also ensures ease of maintenance.

Suspension and Brakes

The CD 70 comes with a reliable suspension system that can handle the rough and uneven roads of Pakistan. With telescopic front forks and twin rear shock absorbers, the bike provides a comfortable and stable ride even on bumpy surfaces.

In terms of braking, the 2024 CD 70 is expected to continue using a drum brake system for both the front and rear wheels. While disc brakes have become more common in higher-end motorcycles, the CD 70’s drum brakes are known for their durability and effectiveness in everyday riding conditions.

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for both riders and manufacturers. While the Honda CD 70 is a basic and affordable motorcycle, it doesn’t compromise on safety. It comes with reliable headlights, indicators, and rearview mirrors to ensure visibility on the road. Additionally, its efficient braking system provides ample stopping power when needed.

Maintenance and After-Sales Service

One of the key advantages of owning a Honda CD 70 is the extensive network of dealerships and service centers across Pakistan. Honda is renowned for its commitment to after-sales service and spare parts availability. This ensures that owners can easily find genuine parts and skilled technicians to maintain their bikes.


In conclusion, the Honda CD 70 remains a timeless icon in the Pakistani motorcycle market, known for its reliability, affordability, and efficiency. For the year 2024, Honda is expected to offer an upgraded model that retains the core features that have made the CD 70 a favorite among riders while introducing subtle design updates to keep the bike fresh.

With an estimated price range of PKR 157,000 to PKR 165,000 and a reputation for outstanding fuel efficiency, the Honda CD 70 continues to be an excellent choice for daily commuting and short-distance travel. Its simple yet functional design, reliable performance, and extensive after-sales support make it a standout option in the competitive world of motorcycles in Pakistan. So, if you’re in the market for an affordable and dependable ride, the 2024 Honda CD 70 is certainly worth considering.

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