Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price and Specifications in Pakistan 2023

The world of smartphones has been witnessing remarkable innovations and one of the most intriguing developments is the integration of drone technology into mobile devices. In 2023 the smartphone market in Pakistan is poised to be revolutionized by the introduction of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone. This groundbreaking device combines the convenience of a smartphone with the well ventilated capabilities of a drone promising to transpiration the way we capture memories and explore our surroundings. In this blog, we will delve into the heady world of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone, exploring its specifications and pricing in Pakistan in 2023.


Released31 January, 2023
StatusComing Soon


Dimensions147.3 x 71.3 x 7.6 mm
Weight228 GRAM
ProtectionGRILLA GLASS 7

2G NetworkGSM
3G NetworkHSDPA
4G NetworkLTE
5G Network5G


Resolution1440 x 3100 pixels
Pixel Density410 PPI
Touch ScreenYES
Display ProtectionGORILLA GLASS7




Primary200MP drone camera+16MP+5MP+32MP
Camera FeaturesLED
Selfie Camera64MP
Selfie Camera FeaturesHDR


Operating SystemANDROID 12


ChipsetQualconm Snapdragon  888
RAM (Memory)12 GB
Internal Storage128/256 GB
SensorsFingerprint /accelerometer/ gyro/proximity


BluetoothYES v52


Battery TypeLi-Ion (Lithium Ion)

The Fusion of Smartphone and Drone Technology

The Vivo Drone Camera Phone represents a convergence of cutting-edge technology, offering users the weightier of both worlds. It marries the functionality of a high-end smartphone with the versatility of a drone, permitting users to capture stunning well-ventilated photographs and videos with ease. This innovative tideway is set to redefine the smartphone industry and take photography to new heights.

Specifications of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone

Let’s take a closer squint at the key specifications that make the Vivo Drone Camera Phone a game-changer in 2023.

Camera System

The heart of the Vivo male bees Camera telephone is its camera system. got ready with a state of the art 108 megapixel first sensor 1, this apparatus gives undertaking wide pleasing open air clear viewing and detail in every small balls for a gun. The camera is went well together by a range of helping sensors 2, including a 20 megapixel ultra wide angle curved glass to change light, a 10x to do with the eye or seeing go up quickly curved glass to change light, and a 5 megapixel great scale curved glass to change light. The mix of these sensors 2 makes certain that users can take every short time with working without error, whether on the get onto land or uncertain.

Well-ventilated Capabilities

The most heady full-length of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone is its drone capabilities. The device is equipped with foldable drone stovepipe and rotors that can be hands extended, permitting it to take off and hover in the air. Users can tenancy the drone via the smartphone’s app, adjusting altitude, speed, and direction effortlessly. With its powerful batteries, the Vivo Drone Camera Phone offers an impressive 30 minutes of flight time, ensuring that you can capture scenic well-ventilated shots.

8K Video Recording

Vivo has integrated 8K video recording into this remarkable device, providing users with the worthiness to shoot cinematic-quality footage. Whether it’s capturing stunning landscapes or recording memorable family gatherings, the Vivo Drone Camera Phone offers unrivaled video quality that was previously only performable with defended video cameras.

Wide Stabilization

To ensure that both photos and videos captured in the air are smooth and stable, the Vivo Drone Camera Phone features wide stabilization technology. This includes a 3-axis gimbal that compensates for movement, wind, and vibrations, resulting in crystal-clear images and buttery-smooth video footage.

Long-Range Connectivity

The device is equipped with long-range connectivity options, permitting users to tenancy the drone and receive live video feedback from a distance. This is particularly handy for capturing wide landscapes or monitoring events from a bird’s-eye view.

Operating System and Performance

In wing to its impressive camera system and drone capabilities, the Vivo Drone Camera Phone boasts robust hardware and software to ensure smooth and efficient performance.

Pricing in Pakistan

Now, let’s write one of the most hair-trigger aspects for potential buyers – the pricing of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone in Pakistan. As of 2023, the device is misogynist in two variants, each with variegated specifications and price points:

Vivo Drone Camera Phone – Standard Edition

The standard edition of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone is priced at PKR 89,999. It offers all the incredible camera and drone features we discussed earlier, making it an spanking-new nomination for photography enthusiasts and those looking to explore drone photography.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone

For users making attempts plane increasingly power and place for storing amount of room, the Pro 1 one printing is women hating person at PKR 109,999. This scaled copy takes credit 12gb of male sheep and 256gb of inside place for storing. With this thing changed, you can with comfort store a sizeable mixed orderless mass of pictures by camera and motion viewing records, and its gave greater value to instrument for smashing lets for smoother multitasking 2 and playing activity.

Availability and Future Prospects

The Vivo Drone Camera Phone has generated considerable excitement in Pakistan and virtually the world. It has once wilt a popular nomination among photographers, vloggers, and tech enthusiasts. To meet the upper demand, Vivo has expanded its distribution channels wideness Pakistan, making it easier for consumers to get their hands on this innovative device.

The future prospects of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone in Pakistan squint promising. As technology continues to evolve, Vivo is single-minded to providing regular software updates and improvements to enhance the user wits and alimony the device up-to-date with the latest features and innovations.


In 2023, the Vivo Drone Camera Phone has introduced an heady new installment in the world of photography and smartphones. This remarkable device seamlessly combines high-end smartphone features with cutting-edge drone technology, offering users the worthiness to capture scenic photos and videos from the sky. With its powerful camera system, 8K video recording capabilities, and impressive flight time, the Vivo Drone Camera Phone has quickly wilt a favorite among photography enthusiasts and content creators in Pakistan.

As we squint to the future, it’s well-spoken that the Vivo Drone Camera Phone is a testament to the innovation and creativity that protract to momentum the smartphone industry forward. Its integration of drone technology not only expands the possibilities for photography but moreover highlights the uncounted potential for new, groundbreaking ideas in the world of technology.

Whether you’re an voracious photographer, a videographer, or simply someone who appreciates cutting-edge gadgets, the Vivo Drone Camera Phone is undoubtedly a device to consider. With its competitive pricing and an variety of wide features, it’s set to make a lasting impact on the Pakistani smartphone market and the way we capture and share our most memorable moments in 2023 and beyond.

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